2022 International Conference on Mechanics and Applied Mathematics (MAM 2022)
Prof. Dr. Hosein Lakzian


Hossein Lakzian.png

Prof. Dr. Hosein Lakzian, Payame Noor University, Iran

Biography: I am currently working at the Department of Mathematics of Payame Noor University in Iran. I am interested in fixed point theory and applications and also working on the theory of weak amenability of Banach algebras. My new approach is finding the relation between these theories using nonexpansive mappings. I also am collaborating in the projects entitled 'fixed point theory in metric spaces via w-distances' and 'Best proximity point for MT-functions' with other professors from other contries such as Professors Stojan Radenovic, Vladimir Rakocevic, Erdal Karapinar and etc.

Research Areas: 

①Harmonic Analysis

②Applied and Computational Mathematics

③Mathematical Analysis

④Fixed Point Theory

Speech title: The theory of best proximity points using MT-functions

Abstract: In this talk, first we introduce the notion of MT- cyclic mappings for Banach, Kannan, reich and Ciric contractions with respect to auxiliary function j. Then, we prove some best proximity point results for such mappings in the setting of metric space. Uniqueness will be proved by additional assumption property UC. These theorems improve and generalize several results in the literature. An application will shows that usefulness of these generalizations.