2022 International Conference on Mechanics and Applied Mathematics (MAM 2022)
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2022 International Conference on Mechanics and Applied Mathematics (MAM 2022)  will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

① Mechanics

Celestial mechanics

Newtonian mechanics

Rational mechanics

Elastic mechanics

Continuum mechanics

Solid mechanics

Applied mechanics

Analysis of the mechanical

Computational mechanics

Fluid mechanics

Explosion mechanics

Vibration science

Geological mechanics


Soil mechanics

Plastic fracture and damage

Mechanical and thermal motion

② Mathematical

Riemannian surfaces and Riemannian geometry

Elementary algebraic topology

Parameter calculation

Statistical analysis

Mathematical modeling

Lie group and representation

Linear algebra


Vector analysis

Complex analysis

The differential equation

Laplace transform

Fourier analysis

Combinatorial mathematics

Function theory

Discrete mathematics

③ The combination of mechanics and mathematics

Mechanics modeling

Mechanical behavior and model of bridge and tunnel structures

Plasticity analysis, fatigue modeling and life prediction of metals

Linear structure and nonlinear structure

Coupled numerical simulation

Constitutive relations and mathematical methods in continuum mechanics

Multiscale simulation of complex fluids

Nonlinear phenomena of structural dynamics

Wave propagation in media and its application

Application of calculus in mechanics

Mathematical methods in mechanics

Mechanical behavior and properties of new materials

Calculation methods in mathematics and engineering

Key mechanics problems in hydraulic engineering, civil engineering and aerospace engineering